Learn and practice coaching skills with us.

We developed unique coach training programmes catered for new and experienced coaches who want to develop their skills and knowledge of coaching, and who would also like to apply for an ICF credential. 

Our curriculum integrates the ICF coaching framework (Core Competencies and Code of Ethics) with evidence-based psychological models and theories that can be applied to coaching.

With this ICF-accredited course, you will learn all the core coaching competencies as well as important evidence-based theories and models. This will enable you to quickly bring your practice to an advanced level where you seek to understand your client as a whole beyond the initial topic they bring to the session. This course meets the training requirements for the ICF ACC credential application (ACSTH path).

Our advanced coach training helps coaches develop their existing practice further. It looks at advanced psychological models like the cognitive behavioural approach, the psychodynamic approach and Gestalt, and how to use them in the coaching context. 

In order to register for this course, you will need to have attended module 1 or have already completed an ICF-accredited ACSTH training of 60 hours minimum with another provider. 

Completion of module 1 and 2 will enable you to receive the Advanced Diploma in Coaching validating 150 hours of coach-specific training. The diploma meets the requirements for the ICF PCC credential application (Portfolio path). 


Our Team & Group Coaching Certification is coming in 2022. Leave your email address on the right hand side if you want to be notified when it is launched.


Our mission is to help people help others.

We believe in the art and the science of coaching, and we want to share it with others. We pride ourselves to offer a great online learning experience that leaves participants feeling confident and empowered about their abilities to coach. Learn more about our approach and what makes us unique.