Deepen your practice, expand your awareness, and develop your reflection.

Coaching supervision offers a safe space for coaches to engage in a dialogue about their practice. The purpose of supervision is threefold: develop one’s coaching capacity, receive support, and maintain high standards of practice and ethics. As an experienced coach, the supervisor is here to facilitate the coach’s reflection and challenge their perspective on their work, their clients and their sessions.

TOPICS FOR supervision

The topics brought to supervision by the coach depend on what is important to them. They have the opportunity to open up about what is on their mind and to share what came up for them during their self-reflective work. Before our first session together we will send you a list of questions to help you prepare. The following list offers examples of supervision topics:

Group Supervision

1.5-hour group session every 6 weeks for 6 months.

If you are interested in participating to a supervision group, please let us know.



If you are interested in doing individual supervision sessions, we invite you to contact the supervisor you want to work with.

You can check the supervisors of the Institute here and reach out to them directly via their website, or send us an email and we will give them your contact details.

Frequently askeD questions

Yes, one hour of supervision counts for 1 core competency Continuining Coach Education (CCE). You can submit up to 10 CCEs from supervision for your credential renewal.
Between 2 and 4 people. I work with small groups to ensure we have time to explore everyone’s topics.

We believe every coach should start regular supervision at some point in their career.

Initially coaches focus on developing their skills, which mentor coaching can help with. Solely focusing on skills, on the doing of coaching, can put a glass ceiling on the coach’s potential. Supervision is the way to break that ceiling and deepen one’s reflection and understanding of coaching.

Yes, of course! Contact me to book a call. We’ll meet and have the opportunity to get clarity on the support you need.

All sessions are facilitated on Zoom.

You will work with Marion Tilly,  who is the founder of the Institute.

If you are interested in working with another supervisor from our team, feel free to contact them directly.