The Institute of Coaching Studies (formerly The Reflective Mind Company) was created to develop a new generation of professional coaching trainings rooted in innovation, creativity and evidence-based models. We wanted to remove as many barriers as possible to enable people to become great coaches. 

We deeply believe in the power of coaching and we strive to offer training solutions that contribute to the excellence and high standards of the coaching profession. Our approach is to build each course with a strong foundation and to continuously improve it through additional research and participant feedback. We are proud to offer a supportive community for coaches to continue their development beyond their initial training.

The company is based in Dublin, Ireland. We have a strong international and multicultural reach with participants from many nationalities joining from all over Europe and from South Africa.



Marion Tilly is an experienced ICF PCC-credentialed coach and member of the International Coaching Federation who has completed more than 1,000 hours of coaching.

Prior to becoming a professional coach and trainer, she worked for 7 years in the tech industry where she held different leadership positions.