How to Secure Funding for Your Coach Training: A Step-by-Step Guide

Becoming a certified coach is an exciting and rewarding journey that can be put on hold if the financial aspect is a roadblock. One option to consider is funding from your employer. Not everyone has an organisation willing to invest in their professional development, but it’s worth looking into it and ask for financial support […]

The 10 Best & Worst Coaching Questions, According To ChatGPT

Following up on our article on the coaching application of ChatGPT, we wanted to test the tool to see how coaches could really use it. We asked it to give us the best and worst coaching questions to ask, and we were surprised with the quality of the answers. Check below. WHAT WE ASKED: “What are […]

How To Use ChatGPT For Coaching

Like many other professions, artificial intelligence (AI) is currently being developed for a coaching application. Our first contact with AI is through ChatGPT. AI is just coming to existence so there is still a lot of unknown, but we thought we could experiment the most talked AI tool. We asked the tool a few questions […]

2023 Year In Review: 50 Reflective Questions For Coaches

The end of the year is usually a moment of reflection for many people. Coaching clients may bring up in their sessions the need to review the past year and set intentions for the new one. As reflective and curious beings, coaches may also experience this urge to pause and reflect. If you find yourself […]

9 Mistakes Coaches Do During Their Chemistry Calls

If you’re a coach seeking to turn potential clients into paying ones, you likely understand the significance of the crucial first step that is the chemistry call, also discovery call. Its purpose? To explore compatibility, contract around coaching, and discuss the client’s needs to see if you could be a good support for them. It’s […]

8 Signs You And Your Potential Client Are A Good Match

The chemistry between a coach and a client is an essential factor that significantly influences the success of the coaching engagement. It’s not just about finding any client; it’s about finding the right client — a person with whom you resonate, communicate effectively, and share a common understanding of the purpose of this relationship. So, […]

5 Coaching Myths Debunked

Coaching is a relatively new field in certain parts of the world. It has its share of misunderstandings from people who’ve never done it. These misconceptions can deter potential clients from trying coaching and experiencing all its benefits. In this article, we will debunk 5 common coaching myths and shed light on the reality of […]

Why You Should Coach People During Your Chemistry Calls

The chemistry call is an important first step in turning people who are interested in your services into coaching clients. It’s the initial conversation where you and the prospective client assess your compatibility and willingness to work together. What some coaches get wrong about this conversation is it should not be sales call. It should […]

How Much Should You Charge For Coaching?

“How much should I charge for my coaching services?” This is a question we hear very often from our coaches in training. There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. However there are some methods to calculate the coaching fee you want to ask. In this article we are going to present 2 methods to calculate […]

The Difference Between Mentor Coaching And Coaching Supervision

Understanding the different types of support and the opportunities for professional development available to coaches after their initial coach training is of the utmost importance. Coaches have a professional duty to keep learning and improving their skills as well as their awareness. One of the topics we explore in our coach training programmes is the […]