The 10 Best & Worst Coaching Questions, According To ChatGPT

Following up on our article on the coaching application of ChatGPT, we wanted to test the tool to see how coaches could really use it. We asked it to give us the best and worst coaching questions to ask, and we were surprised with the quality of the answers. Check below. WHAT WE ASKED: “What are […]

How To Use ChatGPT For Coaching

Like many other professions, artificial intelligence (AI) is currently being developed for a coaching application. Our first contact with AI is through ChatGPT. AI is just coming to existence so there is still a lot of unknown, but we thought we could experiment the most talked AI tool. We asked the tool a few questions […]

2022 Year In Review: 50 Reflective Questions For Coaches

The end of the year is usually a moment of reflection for many people. Coaching clients may bring up in their sessions the need to review the past year and set intentions for the new one. As reflective and curious beings, coaches may also experience this urge to pause and reflect. If you find yourself […]

The Difference Between Mentor Coaching And Coaching Supervision

Understanding the different types of support and the opportunities for professional development available to coaches after their initial coach training is of the utmost importance. Coaches have a professional duty to keep learning and improving their skills as well as their awareness. One of the topics we explore in our coach training programmes is the […]

All About The New ICF Credentialing Standards and Exam

The International Coaching Federation (ICF) recently announced some changes to their credentialing process: The credentialing paths have been renamed, The standards for performance evaluation and the credentialing exam have been updated.   In this article we will cover the new credentialing standards and the exam all coaches have to take when applying to an ICF […]

Levels 1, 2 And 3: The New ICF Credentialing Paths

In recent years, the International Coaching Federation (ICF) has launched a series of transformations to revamp their framework. This shift started in 2019 when they announced a new core competency model. They also modernised their website and created sub-organisations that seem relatively independent from one another and which are in charge of various activities like […]

What Counts As Continuing Coach Education (CCE) For The ICF

Every 3 years, ICF-accredited coaches are invited to renew their credential. One of the requirements for all 3 accreditation levels (ACC, PCC and MCC) is the completion of 40 hours of continuing professional development. The International Coaching Federation calls this Continuing Coach Education (CCE) to encourage coaches to engage in professional development targeted at their […]

How Much Does A Coaching Certification Cost?

When researching coaching certifications, one of the important factors to consider is the cost. There is not an industry standards for a coach training, however we have seen some trends that we will share in this post. BUT FIRST, WHAT DOES CERTIFICATION MEAN? The bad news is that a coaching certification can mean everything and […]

How To Get An ICF Accreditation

Whether you want to become a professional coach, or have been coaching for many years, you have probably looked into getting an accreditation. The coaching industry is unregulated, in the sense that anyone can call themselves a “coach” – even people who are not trained or who aren’t even practicing coaching. Professional bodies like the […]

What Is Coaching Supervision?

In some professions, attending supervision is mandatory if one wants to keep practicing under a licence or an accreditation. This is particularly true in the field of mental health, where counsellors and psychotherapists are bound by their professional organisation to engage in regular supervision with a trained/accredited supervision. This practice of looking at one’s work […]