Level 2 Full Diploma – March 2025 start


All inclusive coach training

This comprehensive ICF-accredited Level 2 Diploma was designed for coaches who wish to complete an extensive coach training that will bring them from the foundation of coaching to an advanced level of practice.

In module 1, participants learn about and apply the structure of a coaching session, as well as key coaching skills like active listening and powerful questioning. Coaches also learn useful models and theories like Emotional Intelligence and personality psychology, and how they apply to coaching.

In module 2, participants deepen their knowledge and expertise of coaching by looking at advanced techniques, like cognitive behavioural coaching, somatic coaching and person-centered coaching.

Upon successful completion of both modules, you will receive your Level 2 diploma and your Certified Advanced Coach badge.


Module 1: classes from March 8th to April 13th, 2025

Module 2: classes from September 13th to October 19th, 2025

Days: Saturdays & Sundays

Time: 9am to 1pm (UK time)

Self-study: up to 3 hours of weekly study to complete for each module (videos to watch and self-reflection)

Includes 10 hours of Mentor Coaching in each module.

In brief

Anyone interested in learning and practicing coaching skills, and setting high standards of coaching practice, can register.

This Diploma is accredited by the International Coaching Federation as a Level 2 programme.

Upon successful completion of the programme, you will be eligible to apply for an ICF ACC or PCC credential via the Level 2 path.

The advanced programme is 150 hours long. Each module is 75 hours long and includes:

  • Prework with videos and reflections to complete before each class
  • 12 half-days of live classes
  • Self-study
  • 7 hours of group mentor coaching
  • 3 hours of individual mentor coaching

The course was developed and is delivered by ICF-credentialed PCC coaches with a wealth of knowledge and experience in coaching, and experience as training facilitators. Your trainer and your mentor will give support you learn and grow your skills in a safe environment.

The coaching you will learn in this training is based on the ICF PCC markers set by the International Coaching Federation. The curriculum comprises of psychological theories and models that have been studies by psychologists and researchers for decades.

To learn more about the programme and its curriculum, please visit the page about the Diploma.

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