You can now choose to pay in € EUR, £ GBP or $ USD

The Institute is now accepting Pound sterling (£ – GBP) and United States dollars ($ – USD) in addition to the Euro, which is the default currency of the website.

You can choose to pay in either currency upon registration to one of our coach training, mentor coaching and supervision programmes. That means no additional bank fees if the currency of your bank account is in GBP or USD.


If you are based in the UK, the default currency will be shown in GBP. If you are in the US the currency will be USD. In all the other countries, the system will show the fees in EUR.

You can always change the currency manually. On each booking page, you’ll find a drop down menu:

The menu will display the 3 available currencies so you can select the one you want:

The page will refresh and will show the updated fee in the currency you selected.

We use a third-party tool that automatically reviews the exchange rates once a day to convert the Euro fees in GBP and USD. We are rounding up the numbers to avoid too many variations. Depending on the exchange rates, you may still see some small variations from one day or one week to the next.

Why are we doing this?

59% of the traffic to the Institute’s website comes from the US and the UK alone, and that number keeps increasing quarter over quarter.

The fees banks charge on payments done in foreign currencies can be massive, and so we wanted to offer a way for people outside the Euro zone to access coaching excellence via our programmes while avoiding these costs.

We do not charge additional fees for the use of GBP and USD – that would defeat the purpose of offering these currencies. We simply hope it makes it easier to register for our coach training and mentoring programmes.