Why You Should Coach People During Your Chemistry Calls

The chemistry call is an important first step in turning people who are interested in your services into coaching clients. It’s the initial conversation where you and the prospective client assess your compatibility and willingness to work together.

What some coaches get wrong about this conversation is it should not be sales call. It should incorporate coaching elements right from the start – if not make it a full coaching session.

In this article we build a case for you to offer coaching during the chemistry call, even if the call is free.

1. YOU BUILD Trust from the staRT

Coaching needs trust to be effective. It’s about creating a safe space where individuals can explore their goals, challenges, and potential growth. By coaching your potential client, you show them what coaching looks like, and you create that trust from the very beginning. This trust will make the client’s decision easier when it is time to commit to coaching.

2. YOU UNDERSTAND the Client's Needs

Chemistry calls are not just an opportunity to understand whether the coach and the client are a good match for each other. Another purpose is to understand the potential client’s goals and aspirations, and their motivation to reach those. By coaching them during your initial conversation, you go beyond a surface-level discussion to really grasp their underlying motivation. This understanding allows you to understand if you can help this person, and how you can help them, which will make for a stronger coaching partnership.

3. YOU CLARIFY & align Expectations

Coaching is most effective when there’s an alignment between the coach and the client. Coaching during chemistry calls allows the client to clarify what exactly they hope to achieve with coaching. You can explore the client’s awareness and their understanding of coaching. This alignment ensures that both you and the client are on the same page before committing to a coaching relationship, and that your coaching agreement is transparent and clear to them.

4. YOU Demonstrate Your Coaching abilities

Your chemistry call is not just an introduction call. It’s a demonstration of your professionalism and your coaching competencies. By coaching the potential client, you offer them a firsthand experience of your coaching style and approach. Experiencing coaching is far more powerful than simply talking about it.

5. YOUR Empower the Client

Talking about experiencing coaching. Coaching your potential client isn’t just about having them experience the process of coaching; it’s also about having them experience the incredibly positive impact it will have on the way they feel about themselves. By coaching during your chemistry calls, you empower the client to take an active role in their personal or professional development. They leave the call not only with new awareness but also with an increased motivation and self-belief.

6. YOU create Connection and Rapport

A great coaching relationship thrives on connection and rapport. Coaching during chemistry calls deepens this connection right from the start. It creates a sense of partnership and collaboration between the coach and the client. The client feels heard and seen, sometimes more than they have in the past week or month. And when that happens, they’ll want more of that. 

7. YOU OFFER Value from the first conversation

When you coach people during chemistry calls, you provide immediate value at no cost. They gained new insights, more clarity, more awareness, and even sometimes an action to take in order to move forward. And this happens without having to sign up for coaching afterwards. Who again wouldn’t more of that? This value reinforces their belief in coaching and their potential to grow in this process.

8. YOU Differentiate Yourself as a Coach

In a competitive coaching industry, setting yourself apart is crucial. Coaching during chemistry calls is not something that many coaches do – or that many coaches advertise. This is a distinctive approach that sets you apart from other practitioners. It positions you as a coach who goes the extra mile to understand, support, and empower clients right from the initial interaction, before any financial commitment is made.

9. You Transform the Chemistry Call Experience

Lastly, coaching during chemistry calls improves the overall experience for the potential client. It transforms the call from what could look like a sales call into a meaningful and impactful session. Clients appreciate the opportunity to experience coaching before committing to a full coaching engagement.

Coaching during chemistry calls is not just a strategy; it’s a mindset. It’s about recognizing the potential for transformation in every conversation. By coaching during your chemistry calls, you create a powerful and compelling introduction to the world of coaching, setting the stage for meaningful coaching relationships to flourish.

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Photo by Kaitlyn Baker on Unsplash

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